Setting Up Remotely in Challenging Times

You might be feeling safe tucked away in our Northland piece of paradise but the reality of Coronavirus certainly means we’re all facing challenging times. No matter where you or your business are located, taking the time to plan for upcoming challenges is essential. Preparing the way for remote working is a great way to ensure you have limited downtime in this period. Business collaboration software, virtual desktops, and private networks can all help. This technology helps business continue as usual, even with quarantined employees.

There’s huge encouragement to work from home but how can employees continue to collaborate with people they’re used to sitting beside and meeting in the office? Technological solutions. Above all, you need to keep things running and we can help with that.

The Right Technology for Remote Work

Remote workers want a centralised platform with a simplified (yet secure) login process. Business collaboration software is a great enabler of mobile, flexible work. Replace in-person meetings with voice or video conferencing. Streamline chat, voice, and video in one software platform. Tools such as Microsoft Teams allow businesses to create team channels. Business collaboration tools also simplify access to email, calendars, documents, and file sharing so access from home is quick and easy. Employees can use a single sign-on to access business tools and data.

With potentially challenging economic times, looking for ways to save money is front of mind. A remote setup is an excellent way your business can reduce spend on physical space and hardware investments. Another benefit is that the hiring pool of qualified personnel expands with remote work and your business can offer its services more globally and flexibly.

Setting up remotely is a great solution any time and even more so in the challenging times we’re facing. Take precautions now and as a result you’ll likely face less downtime. Enabling a remote workforce takes technology. Need help installing and connecting your employees? We can help so contact us today on 09 401 6133. If you’d like to visit or email us, you can find our details here.

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