The Impact of Windows 7 on Far North Business.

Windows 7 is going to be unsupported on January 14th 2020. Don’t get caught out!

Holy moly! Windows 7 has a DNR and all the doctors are walking off the job Jan 14th 2020! Yes, it’s that serious! Yes, it will impact your business on a day to day level. Please for the love of anything good…read on!

What is the problem?

We are coming up to quite a risky time for business. Why? Because there are some BIG operating systems and software that are no longer going to be supported, they are too old! This could mean loss of data or opening your company up to the risk of some pretty serious ransomware, malware or virus’.

How did we get here?

2007 was actually a long time ago… The Flight of the concords, were just becoming a thing, Soprano’s was just coming to the end, Von Dutch trucker hats, ugg boots and plaid jeggings hit the scene, Cameron Dias and Justen Timberlake split, Helen Clark was Prime Minister, George W Bush was President, the Nokia 6100 slide, flip phones were still a thing and….the first iPhone was released in the June of 2007. Simply put, technology has changed, and stuff made in 2007 was a LOOONG time ago!

What do I do to get sorted?

  1. Understand the situation fully
  2. Find out what operating system and software you are running
  3. Consider your options to transition by talking to our team
  4. Move on over and stay safe.

There is a lot more to understanding how to move forward than this itty-bitty blog. So… read on for your next piece to the puzzle.

Need some help?

It’s quite easy to find out what you have. Check out our upcoming blogs or click here to book a time to assess it for you. It takes 10 min, we can share screens and give you a rough idea of what you are in for with a changeover. You can book by calling Bronny directly on 0274 38 20 38.

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