The Risks of Staying with Windows 7 for Far North Business

What the heck does all this mean for my business?

As we mentioned last time, 2007 was a long time ago… the first iPhone was released and now we are on the 11th iteration. Understanding this issue requires a bit of understanding of “techno-jargon”. We nearly had to resuscitate our Marketing Manager…. twice. So, let’s be clear on some terms first:

What is an operating system?

This is what your computer runs on. Some examples include versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS.

What is software?

This is anything you use daily -like excel, PowerPoint, Word.

What does “Unsupported” really mean?

In general, it means that whoever used to preside over an operating system or software, they will no longer be there to fix it if something breaks. Click here if you want to know what operating systems and software are unsupported.

Ok, so an example, please?

Think of it like a hospital where you’re the patient. Your hospital bed is your operating system – what you are using to access care. Your software, in this case, would be like a drip you have on a daily basis… like you would access word or excel.

If something isn’t quite working properly, doctors or nurses will come and adjust your bed or your drip so that you can keep getting better. In the tech world, we call those people developers. If they decide that your hospital bed or drip technology is out of date, they may replace it with a new one. BUT they need your permission to change over.

The Change Over…

You can stay on with the old technology for some time, but eventually, the doctors and nurses will only work with the new technology. It’s the same with your operating system or software. 

In the case of Windows 2007, it would be like all the staff, doctors, nurses, surgeons, even down to the admin staff leaving the building. Risky for your business – UHM YES!!

What’s the real impact on my business?

With operating systems, bugs might occur and left untreated they open your business up to some serious cyber-attacks. Virus’, malware and ransomware attacks are all on a massive rise – we see them every week in Kerikeri. This has increased phenomenally in the last two years here in Northland, NZ and the world.  

Operating systems aren’t the only thing that can go out of date, so can software. How would this look on a daily level? You save an excel document, it doesn’t save all the data and you won’t find it either. Yeah – not good if you are doing your annuals or that big funding application. Or if you are running an old office people you are working with won’t be able to access your files because it won’t be compatible. If you update to the correct setup you then can upgrade your doc’s one by one.

The future…

We have come to a time where operating systems and software technology has completely changed. We used to operate on a model where we would build an operating system or software, and they would be downloaded, over time the developers would find better ways of making things work, and you would upgrade to a new version.

NOW, we no longer upgrade, we update. To use our hospital model, the bed that we were lying on (our operating system) where they may swap out a cushion or add a gizmo to the drip (excel/ppt/word) to make it work better… AND – they are doing it all remotely via the interweb using a robot. Yes…it’s 2020!

How can I find out what I am using?

It’s quite easy to find out what you have. Check out our next blog for a “How To” or click here to book a time to assess it for you. It takes 10 min and we can give you a rough idea of what you are in for with a changeover. Or you can call Bronny on 0274 38 20 38.

Need more info? Read our next blog.