What Operating system do I Have?

Having an out of date operating systems and software can absolutely put your business at risk. As we mentioned previously Virus’, malware and ransomware attacks are all on a massive rise – we see them every week here in Northland. One big one, literally last week in Kerikeri. This has increased phenomenally in the last two years here in Northland.

But how do I find out what I am currently running? No worries – Here are the quick-fire instructions. However, you can easily book a time with us and we can do this for you.

For your reference: here is a list of the unsupported operating systems and software. Or book an appointment with us to figure it out for you.

Operating System:

If you are a PC user:

  • Type into your search bar Windows Specifications – click on the result
  • And scroll down to where it details Windows…
  • or go to Control pannel, all control panel items and then System.

If it says anything other than Windows 10 Home/Pro give Bronny a ring on 0274 38 20 38 or book a time here.

See how it says Windows 7 at the top! You need to give us a ring ASAP!
See the red X! If it says Windows 10 – you are all good!

If you are a mac user:

From the Apple menu click the wee apple in the corner of your screen, choose About This Mac. You’ll see the macOS name, such as macOS Mojave, followed by its version number. If some product or feature requires you to know the build number as well, click the version number to see it.

Remember anything other than Mojave or Catalina give us a ring or you can book a time here.


What about software? How do I know what the heck I have? This one is super easy. Just open an excel/word or PowerPoint doc.

Click account and your product info should pop up just like that. This is the same for Mac. If you have anything other than 365 with Teams…we recommend you have a quick chat to us.

Office 365 – you can see the teams icon below the red X!

Too hard basket? No problem we can figure it out for you. Call Bronny on 0274 38 20 38 or book in here.