Why Smart Business are Changing to Managed Services.

There are two main types of IT support available when it comes to supporting your business.  The Break/Fix model and Managed services.


What is the difference?

Break-fix is the IT support you receive when you contact a technician after equipment or services have broken down. It is usually quite expensive if you are in an emergency situation. Managed services support involves monitoring your systems to detect and fix issues. This involves having your chosen IT company on site to do an audit of your equipment and systems. By doing the audit they really understand all the quirks of your set up, and to let you know where your risk areas are. With this knowledge, you can plan ahead for things like, investing in new laptops or upgrading your network.

Manage your IT before it Breaks.

A lot of businesses try to save money by only calling a computer technician when something breaks. Unfortunately, that is the most expensive way to manage your IT. There is additional downtime, added repair costs, and unnecessary data loss incurred as a result. Smart businesses are switching over to managed services where issues are fixed before they become a problem.

Predictable Costs

Using managed services turns your IT expenses from an unpredictable and irregular expense into a fixed monthly fee.  In return, your IT technicians monitor and maintain your entire IT system.  The goal of IT services is to maximise productivity.  This is done by minimizing downtime.

Maximise Productivity

Establishing a managed service relationship with a knowledgeable IT firm gives them the chance to study your business needs. They learn your unique systems from the inside out.  IT technicians can take ownership as a result and are incentivized to make sure your IT is always running at its best.

Quicker Problem Solving

Small firms rightly worry about getting technicians on time to fix their systems too.  Choosing the right IT plan for your firm is a difficult choice.  It forces you to weigh up what is important for your business. Many SME’s can’t sustain the risks of data loss, unplanned downtime, or the cost of replacing critical
systems.  These issues impact smaller businesses much harder than large corporations. Response time agreements are often standard components of service packages.  This means that when IT issues do happen, timely response and an urgent fix is guaranteed in writing.

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