You’re Never Too Small to Outsource IT

We know that Northland businesses and their team members are superstars at wearing many hats. They are part of a family, devoted to the businesses’ success. The problem with this, is you often find yourself spending hours battling IT issues and also open yourself up to some considerable risk. We feel it’s important to put your valuable time into what you do best and leave the IT side to us. Are you thinking you’re not sizeable to have an IT partner? Really, you’re never too small to outsource your technology needs.

The Benefits for Small Businesses

A small business may only have a few computers for its handful of employees. Having an in-house person dedicated to IT support would be overkill. But just because the technology is working fine today doesn’t mean your IT is performing at its best. That’s why it can be beneficial to outsource.

Having someone who knows technology working for your team can pay huge dividends. A technology partner will add value by:

  • helping you avoid bad tech purchases or buying software you don’t need;
  • identifying where you can be more efficient with the tools you already have, which can save money;
  • providing knowledgeable support and IT help;
  • learning business needs and making recommendations about the best IT for your goals;
  • protecting your business technology and ensuring computers are up to date with security patches.

Small Business Breaches

Cybercriminals don’t care about business size. In fact, your small business can be a particularly appealing target. Hackers will exploit a small business as part of a campaign to attack a larger business. They know the SMB is less likely to have the same level of security as the bigger target in their sights.

Advantages of Outsourcing

You may not have a clear picture of your cybersecurity status right now, but by working with a managed services provider (MSP) you’ll get one.

Your small business, for instance, may not have a data protection procedure. Can you recover if your business loses an email chain it was keeping for legal or compliance reasons? What would happen if the computer holding your accounting database died? An MSP can identify where tech changes can better ensure business continuity.

No business is too small to outsource IT. Having access to a full-time IT professional can improve your operations, enhance productivity, and lower cybersecurity risk. You do what you do best and let us take care of this side of your business for you. Give us a call on 09 401 6133. If you’d like to visit or email us, you can find our details here.

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