4 Advantages of Consolidating Your Tech

Technology is the lifeblood of business today, and you likely have a lot of it. But you may have accumulated software and hardware as you grew. Are you one of the many Northland businesses that now have an assortment of technologies never designed to work together? Looking at consolidating your tech can help and a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can guide you.

Managing computers and mobile devices, and telephony print and fax systems can be overwhelming. Then, there’s all the software you need to secure, not to mention setting up data recovery in case of a disaster or emergency.

Consolidating your technology offers several benefits and we want to share these with Northland businesses.


If there’s a problem with your printers, phones, or Internet connection, you call your provider. When many vendors offer each of these services, you make several calls, which means waiting on the phone with a printer tech, phone company, or internet service provider (ISP).

When you connect with customer support, they can address only issues in one area of concern. The ISP isn’t going to know anything about your phone service, and the phone company knows zilch about printers. This disjointedness can waste a lot of time.

With an MSP however, you need to make only one call. The support person will know and understand your entire system. They offer input based on how different technology interacts.


Lacking a holistic view of your technology and its interactions, you can end up wasting money. For instance, you might invest in a new feature for voice over IP, duplicating a capability you already have online.

Consolidating your technology with a single provider can also streamline costs. The first thing an MSP will do is to map out how your technology works together. Armed with an understanding of business needs and goals, they’ll make recommendations. You may be able to cut back on services in one area with a simple upgrade in another. Perhaps you’re paying for software licenses you no longer need. Plus, the MSP identifies opportunities for cost savings gained from bundling services.


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that business needs to be nimble. Yet your ability to react can be slower working with many different vendors. Simplifying your processes can streamline your response times. An MSP will take a proactive approach to overseeing your technology needs. They want you to avoid disruptions in the first place.


Individual vendors focus on selling you their particular services or systems. The overall interplay of your technology isn’t their primary concern. Yet ensuring all your technology interacts effectively and efficiently is what the MSP does best.

Working with an MSP you gain a business partner that cares about your success. The MSP’s job is to determine whether your:

your business could be performing better; the team could be collaborating more; processes could be more efficient; you have the right answers to cybersecurity risks and issues; you have the best technological tools to meet its needs.

An MSP offers a single point of contact. Because of this, it means that they will understand your entire setup and how it works together. They’re there to help you consolidate your tech and guide you in making better purchasing decisions. Send us an email or give us a call today to find out how we can help with this. You can find our contact details here.

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