Covid19 – Contact Tracking for your Business

With Alert Level 3 we will be able to re-open our business to the public. We are really looking forward to seeing our customers but need to be mindful of everyone’s safety. We have the need to track interactions between our staff and customers. Implementing a system has to be as simple as possible to ensure compliance.

Using the tools we already have access to

Most companies already have the tools required to put a simple system in place:

  • Microsoft Forms or Google Forms
  • QR Codes printed on paper
  • Customers Mobile Phones

Bundled with your Microsoft 365 or Google Suite subscription is a tool called Forms. This enables you to make simple surveys or questionnaires that are available online. This example will reference Microsoft Forms as the majority of businesses we work with use Microsoft 365. (QR codes are not built into Google Forms)

Step 1. Create a new form

  • Visit:

Step 2: List the questions you require answers for

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Reason for visit

Step 3: Optional extras

  • Add a Health & Safety message
  • Have customers choose a checkbox to agree to your terms of entry
  • Add your company logo
  • Change the theme of the form

Step 4: Click Share

It’s very important that you make the change to ‘anyone with the link can respond’

  • Copy the link to your website
  • Download the QR Code and print it out and stick it to your front door
  • Email a link to contractors or customers you know will be visiting you

Customers can scan the QR code with their phones and send you all the info you need to collect without having any physical contact. When you receive the form it has the date and time of the entry and can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet.

More Sophisticated Tracking For companies needing more sophisticated tracking, Microsoft Power Apps can be used to create custom Apps. You can then track GPS location, time on site, record photos, etc.

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