Save Money by Managing Your IT Life Cycle

All appliances have an effective lifespan and computers are no different. In some cases, parts physically fail after years of service. In others, they simply become too slow and too ineffective to keep doing the job. Hardware failures and IT issues can cost big in productivity losses, urgent fixes, and unintended downtime. We want to help Northland businesses save money by giving you the tools to effectively manage your IT life cycle. Let’s look at how you can implement a plan to help make IT budgets predictable, manageable, and ultimately reduce costs.


Improving productivity and lowering costs are the primary driving factors in why many modern businesses choose to adopt IT life cycles.

Firstly, the process starts with a thorough plan outlining the demands of the business. We look at how and where equipment is deployed so we can make the most out of the resources throughout the business. Therefore, the first step is to reduce equipment duplicated and underused within the firm.

With a big picture approach, equipment can be scheduled for upgrade or replacement at predictable intervals based on use. Having a plan in place, the focus of the life cycle can shift to resource procurement. As equipment approaches the end of its effective lifespan it can be brought in for replacement, repair, and recycling. Old hardware and components are often reused and recycled in new roles as they are decommissioned from their primary role.

In addition, by maintaining as many usable parts as possible, we help lower costs of keeping efficient hardware in the front-line business environment. Consequently, this approach helps businesses keep modern, up to date hardware in crucial roles where it can serve the biggest impact for the business.


With a fully planned, fully prepared life cycle, IT budgets can be planned in detail for years to come. Everything from printers to operating systems can be prepared on a tightly controlled schedule.

Businesses worldwide have adopted IT life cycles as a way to eliminate unwanted surprises, lessen productivity losses, and overall make the most out of IT budgets. Implementing or redesigning your own IT life cycle can greatly improve the way your business operates.

We can help you save money and take the hassle out of managing your IT life cycle. Contact us today and we can start with an audit. You can find our contact details here.

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